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Chanel horizon Line Le Vernis Longwear nail Colour, available now in the new travel Diary fall Collection

$28 Chanel horizon Line Le Vernis Longwear nail Colour, available now in the new Chanel travel Diary fall Collection
I was born in the Philippines, but I’ve been a Cali girl because I was a wee lass of year one year old. in that time, I’ve traveled all across this state from top to bottom, from the mountains to the valleys and up and down the coast (This is starting to sound a little like a folk song, isn’t it?).

Anyway, when you spend a lot of time in a place, certain colors start to remind you of it, which is what Chanel horizon Line Le Vernis does for me. Meine Güte! It’s the exact same grayish green you see all over the beaches from the central coast/Big Sur up to the Oregon border.


Chanel horizon Line
I see it in the green algae- and seaweed-covered rocks, in the water, in the plants (especially the succulents that cover, like, every other sand dune). Es ist überall! and it’s spot on.

Horizon Line is from the Chanel travel Diary fall Collection, which is out best meow, and my pals at Chanel HQ tell me that it was inspired by a road trip that Chanel creative director Lucia Pica took from Los Angeles to big Sur. like a mermaid from the ocean, horizon Line emerged from that trip.

And I’m delighted it did, because I’ve got a thing for greenish grays, man! (Hello, Essie charm Nap and Smith & Cult Bitter Buddhist.)


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Chanel horizon Line, Essie charm Nap and Smith & Cult Bitter Buddhist

I’m a sucker for succulent grayish greens on fingers and toes. It’s like, they’re edgy, but they aren’t obnoxious… I don’t know if that makes any sense, LOL! I hope it does.

I love the Chanel Le Vernis formula!

Oh, yeah, and then you get the terrific Chanel Le Vernis formula, which, oh, my gosh, is even better than it was before Chanel converted it into a gel formula this past year.

It dries pretty quickly, for one (completely dry within an hour as long as you seal it with a gel top coat), and it lasts, too. I’m still testing horizon Line for wear, but I’m on day three, and I haven’t seen a single chip. based on the other Le Vernis shades I’ve worn recently, I expect to get at least six or seven full days before it starts to fall apart.

So it’s pretty sturdy, thank goodness, because it is pricey at $28 a bottle.

I’ve got much more reviews of the Chanel fall Collection coming soon, and it’s not just about the California vibe, which I’m stoked about. There are some beautiful greens, blues and —
oh mein Gott! — a peppy poppy red lipstick that makes me want to prance in my living room.


There are also some lovely, wearable looks in these videos on the Chanel website, if you’re interested. They’re colorful, but still wearable enough for regular people like you and me.

Ihre freundliche Nachbarschaftszusatzsüchtige,


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