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NARS Pop Goes the Easel sheer Pop Multiples in Navagio Beach, Motu Tane and Cote Basque

new NARS sheer Pop Multiples from the Pop Goes the Easel collection (a Nordstrom exclusive)
OK, NARS, I see you. I see what you’re doing. I see how you named your new sheer Pop Multiples after ah-may-zing beaches, all three of which are on my bucket list now.

Navagio beach in Greece… Girl, mark my words, someday I’ll swim those aquamarine waters.


Irgendwann mal…

Surf’s up! (But only for a limited time.)

Like a bubble at the beach, these three will eventually pop away. They’ll only be around for a limited time, and they have a very beachy vibe to go with their beachy names. They’re on counters now with the rest of the new NARS Pop Goes the Easel collection, a limited edition Nordstrom exclusive with blushes, lipsticks and these multiples.

Pop Goes the Easel
Navagio beach is a luminous, pearly golden beige; Motu Tane is a satiny, rosy pink; and Cote Basque is a satiny, bright watermelon pink with tiny golden glitter pieces.


Cats & Makeup Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Jetzt einkaufen

Purposefully sheer

Like the regular NARS Multiples, these creamy sticks are made for eyes, lips and cheeks, and they have that same smooth texture. They feel like a cream blush that you left open overnight, and the next day it still feels like a cream, only drier.

Unlike the regular full-coverage NARS Multiples, however, the sheer Pops are semi-opaque, so you really have to be in a sheer mindset.

NARS sheer Pop Multiples from the left in Cote Basque, Motu Tane and Navagio Beach

What to wear them with

For me, beach makeup means minimal coverage on my face (like a BB cream or a small amount of tinted moisturizer) and a pinch of sheer color on my lids, cheeks and lips. lots of skin showing through, very little (or no) concealer, and wild, untamed brows, of course. You might even find a few grains of sand in my brows and lashes.

From the top: Navagio Beach, Motu Tane and Cote Basque
OK, so I really like these. They feel like they were made to showcase skin, which is a stunning thing in a world where heavy foundation is the new normal on social media.

Today I did minimal makeup with luminous golden beige Navagio beach on my lids, in the inner corners and, as a highlighter, on my upper cheekbones, along with a blend of Motu Tane and Cote Basque worn as blush.

In terms of how much I like these, well…when I went to the doctor’s office for my checkup today, the doc (who I had just met) said I looked 31. Not 41.

Now that’s what’s up!

By the way, I’ve also worn all three as lipsticks, but eh…I don’t suggest going there. They all look dry and patchy on my pout.

Fingers are your friends

Swiping stripes on your face is fun! FYI, fingers seem to work better than brushes with the sheer Pops, at least for me, because of ye olde body heat. The little bit of warmth softens them up. When I use them with a brush, they apply unevenly.

Even the boxes are special
One last thing, if your skin’s been very, very dry, these creams might catch on your dry patches. (Again, softening them up by applying with a finger should help.)

Das endgültige Urteil.

I wholeheartedly recommend the sheer Pops to my peeps in the pursuit of penultimate beachy makeup (I’m with you, guys!), but steer clear if you’re partial to punchy pigments, or if you’re plagued by patchy, dry skin.


Now will someone please pass the sunscreen and my froo-froo pineapple drink? I need to get back to pretending I’m at the beach! ??️?

Ihre freundliche Nachbarschafts-Schönheits-Süchtiger,


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