Kosmetik & Make-up Vokabeln Englische Wörter und Sätze Cosmetics Sonntags mit Tabs die Katze, Make-up und Schönheit Blog Maskottchen, Vol. 475

Sonntags mit Tabs die Katze, Make-up und Schönheit Blog Maskottchen, Vol. 475

Tabs, as you know, has always been an affectionate cat. He’s not one of those standoffish kitties content to ignore you and never get on your lap for the entire duration of your relationship. He’s very loving, and when he sees a free lap, he’ll jump right on ya.

If you’re lying down, and he sees a stretch of tummy that could be potentially blanketed by his body, he’ll seek out that empty spot and chill for a spell. He’s very into his humans, and that’s one of the many reasons we fell in love with him.


But over the last year or so, Tabs has taken his affection to a whole new level. I don’t know if it’s just because he’s getting older and sleeps more during the day, so when he’s actually awake, he has to, like, squeeze in more lovies, but when he was younger, he’d sprinkle and parse out his affection throughout the day. You know, I’d wake up to a headbutt here or a nose tap there. then I’d come down the stairs and get some kitty hugs.

Later, when I’d sit and drink my coffee, he’d come by and do a quick round of biscuits on my thighs. So, I’d get my Tabs sessions sprinkled throughout the day, a minute or two at a time. He’d stop by, then peace out for a bit.

Now, though, he sleeps — I’m not kidding — at least 20 hours a day. He disappears for hours on end, and when I do see him, the affection is intense and hits like a furry freight train. I almost can’t take it half the time!


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If I’m standing in the kitchen, he’ll walk up and try to herd me toward the couch, so that he can do some machine gun biscuits and intense head butts. Basically, when he wants attention, it has to happen NOW; otherwise, he’s beside himself. He’ll meow and protest loudly until I give in to his demands. It’s adorable but exhausting at the same time, because I feel like I have to drop everything and cater to his intense neediness.

Like, if you see a headline in the paper one morning that says, “Woman held captive by her cat, hasn’t left home in years,” please know that the story is about me.

I was talking to Davina, a frequent visitor here on MBB, in the comments the other day about traveling, and how, like, we’re both at the point where we feel like we can’t take long trips because we don’t feel like we can leave our fur babies. Does anybody else feel like that?


I’m not complaining at all… I mean, there are worse problems to have than an overly affectionate and intense cat. It’s really nice to have a lap cat who is so into you. Anyway, for those of you with kitties, have you noticed a change in how your kitty expresses his or her affection as they’ve gotten older? let Tabs know in the comments.

Ihre freundliche Nachbarschafts-Schönheits-Süchtiger,


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