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Kiehl’s Cleansing Duo: Ultra Facial Cleanser as well as Calendula Toner

Today I bring you two Kiehl’s cleansing products that I’ve been using:

• Ultra Facial Cleanser
• Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner

Both of these products sat patiently in my stock to be opened for a lot more than 18 months! I admit to forgetting about skincare products in my wardrobe sometimes…

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser – C$26 for 150ml

My rate of interest of this product was in part because of a evaluation by Rachael of HelplessWhilstDrying of this product. In her post, I pointed out rate of interest in trying this… as well as a month later while sorting out my closet, I discovered this hidden among the lots of unopened tubes as well as jars!

It’s a gel that’s a bit creamy.  I understand this phrase is cliché in appeal circles, however yes, “a bit goes a long way” with this product. A pea-size amount is sufficient to supply a full deal with of lather – any type of a lot more product will indicate you’ll requirement to rinse excessively to eliminate the cleanser.  Here’s what a pea-size amount plus a konjac sponge will produce:

Since I eliminate my makeup with cleansing oil in the evenings, this cleanser is generally for my morning cleansing (to eliminate overnight sebum as well as residue skincare).  However, out of curiosity, I tried eliminating my makeup one evening with this, as well as surprisingly, it is rather efficient in eliminating a full deal with of makeup, including eye makeup! The only minor problem I have with it, is I feel a minor residue left on my skin so I have to rinse a lot more thoroughly. I’d state this cleanser is great for dry, typical as well as combination skin. I suspect oilier skin types would like the oil-free version of this cleanser.  I’ve been utilizing this 150ml tube for the past 2 months as well as I expect it will last for 6 months overall – the $26 cost identify isn’t poor thinking about this.

• frei von Duftstoffen
• efficient cleansing
• Sanft
• appropriate for lots of skin types
• great value

• leaves minor residue

Stash würdig: 9/10
And I would repurchase this.

Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner – C$51 for 250ml

Holy crap, I paid $50 for a toner! I keep in mind this specific go to to the Kiehl’s store so well, it was the holidays of 2014 as well as I was enamoured by all the restricted edition products which included the colourful Craig x Karl Collection. It was at this go to that I likewise gotten the Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter. The SA told me that this toner was so prominent that they offer out of this toner all the time, as well as I was lucky they even had a bottle to offer me! I had been curious about this since of exactly how unusual it looks – there are actual calendula petals inside the toner!

Although I’m not completely sure what function the calendula petals serve. It’s like if Kiehl’s Creamy Eye treatment with Avocado included actual pieces of avocado.
This is rather a severe toner. It’s extremely efficient in ridding the skin of any type of residue – it’s borderline drying, nevertheless it does not consist of any type of alcohol. For the summertime months, I don’t mind it however I would not utilize this in the wintertime time. as well as I would not suggest this for dry skin types (it does specify that this is meant for typical for oil skin types – I didn’t notice that up until I started utilizing this product).

I did appreciate that it had a security seal inside the lid.
It was a faint green floral scent naturally happening from the calendula petals. It didn’t irritate my skin however I wouldn’t state it soothed it either. I feel this toner is a lot more for cleansing – nearly an astringent – not for prepping the skin for serums as well as moisturizers.

Also, I seem to be blowing with this bottle rather swiftly – I’ve been utilizing this for about a month as well as I’m nearly half-way with the bottle.  And recently, the calendula petals starting coming out of the nozzle, they look like this:

Not extremely appealing! I have to pick off the bits before I use the bottle pad. as well as it’s noteworthy that because of the inclusion of the calendula petals, this formula includes a preservative in the type of methylparaben. as well as there’s a great deal of it considering that it’s provided 4th in the listing of 12 ingredients:

Aqua / Water / Eau


Pentylene Glycol


Disodium Edta

Arctium Lappa Extract / Arctium Lappa root Extract

Calendula Officinalis Extract / Calendula Officinalis flower Extract

Calendula Officinalis / Calendula Officinalis flower Extract

Hydrolyzed Corn Starch


Hedera Helix Extract – Ivy Leaf/Stem Extract

Althaea Officinalis / Althaea Officinalis root Extract

It’s not my much-loved toner, as well as provided the cost tag, it would have to be a mind-blowingly great for me to think about repurchasing it. It’s not, so I won’t! I suggest this if your skinist auf der öliger Seite sowie Geld, um Geld zu brennen!

• Umfassende Reinigung.
• Alkoholfrei
• Kein zusätzlicher Duft

• Überteuert
• auch extrem für einige Hauttypen
• Konservierungsmittel auf der Komponentenliste
• Einbeziehung von Kalendula-Blütenblättern viel irritierender als nützlich

Stash würdig: 5/10

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