Kosmetik & Make-up Vokabeln Englische Wörter und Sätze Cosmetics MAC Loud as well as remove Lipsticks: Yash, Baroque the Internet, Fleur D’Coral, Sugar wonderful Cameo as well as Sugar Dada

MAC Loud as well as remove Lipsticks: Yash, Baroque the Internet, Fleur D’Coral, Sugar wonderful Cameo as well as Sugar Dada

Matte Lipstick in Sugar wonderful Cameo, a midtone coral pink
I keep vacillating over which of the five lipsticks in the new MAC Loud as well as remove collection is the most “noteworthy.” One the one hand, there’s warm nude pink Baroque the Internet, as well as mid-toned coral-pink Sugar wonderful Cameo, both of which have more than sufficient oomph as well as color to compliment smokey eyes, wings as well as just about every eyeshadow look imaginable.

Matte Lipstick in Baroque the Internet, a warm nude pink
But then there’s likewise deep natural matte Yash, which is nowhere near as flashy, however you can throw it on with almost anything, so it’s likewise super flexible.


Matte Lipstick in Yash, a deep neutral
Four of the five lipsticks are in MAC’s traditional Matte formula, so expect soaring pigment, a almost flat finish, as well as durability for days (OK, more like 4-5 hours).

The strange lady out is Fleur D’Coral, a sheer light peach MAC Lustre with the faintest hint of a sheen.

Lustre Lipstick in Fleur D’Coral, a light peach
And oh: If you like your makeup early-’90s style (I’m guilty of this from time to time), you’ll be wonderful on Sugar Dada, a warm brownish orange matte. I, together with half the population of my former high school, rocked a similar shade circa 1992.


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Matte Lipstick in Sugar Dada, a warm brownish orange

If I had to pick a standout, it would be Yash for me, since it’s one of those nudes like MAC velvet Teddy that you’ll end up using all the time without realizing it. before you understand it, you’ve completed the tube, as well as you understand me — I like things that are practical as well as useful.

My second option would be a tie between Baroque the Web (which appears like it’s quite much offered out online, so inspect your counter) as well as Sugar wonderful Cameo. Both, again, practical as well as useful…but with additional POW! ?


Neutral lovers, don’t miss the Loud as well as remove as well as glow Play collections. They’re among the very best work MAC’s performed in a while.

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